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Whether you require drug testing, genetic testing, or any other laboratory analysis, we strive to deliver results with utmost precision and efficiency. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, we are here to ensure your peace of mind and help you make informed decisions. Trust "WEST GEORGIA DIAGNOSTIC TESTING" for all your testing requirements, and experience the difference quality testing can make.

Our knowledgeable experts work diligently to ensure that every sample is handled with care and analyzed meticulously, guaranteeing the highest standards of accuracy. From healthcare providers and employers to individuals seeking personal testing, we are here to provide reliable answers and valuable insights.



  • DOT/ Non DOT

  • Breath and Alcohol testing

  • Pre Employment DrugTesting

  • Rapid Drug Testing

  • Rapid Hair Drug Testing

  • Oral Drug Testing.

  • We also offer CPR classes mobile and group rate.

  • Fieldprint Fingerprinting Site

  • We also offer a DOT Collection course for 350. Instant access after payment

Drug Testing: Our comprehensive drug testing services cover a wide range of substances, including illicit drugs, prescription medications, and alcohol. We utilize advanced techniques to accurately detect and analyze substances in various specimen types, such as urine, blood, hair, and saliva. Whether you need pre-employment drug screening, random testing, or compliance testing, we provide confidential and reliable results to support your workplace safety and compliance efforts.
Genetic Testing: Our genetic testing services offer valuable insights into an individual's genetic makeup and inherited traits. We provide a variety of genetic tests, including ancestry testing, carrier screening, predisposition testing
for certain conditions, and pharmacogenetics. Our expert genetic counselors are available to explain the results and help you make informed decisions about your health, family planning, or personalized treatments.
Clinical Testing: Our clinical testing services encompass a broad spectrum of diagnostic and monitoring tests to assist healthcare providers in accurate disease detection, management, and treatment. From routine blood tests and comprehensive metabolic panels to specialized testing for specific conditions, our advanced laboratory capabilities ensure precise and timely results. We collaborate with healthcare professionals to deliver actionable information that supports personalized patient care.
Toxicology Testing: Our toxicology testing services focus on identifying and measuring substances in the body that may cause adverse effects or toxicity. Whether it's assessing exposure to environmental toxins, investigating occupational hazards, or monitoring therapeutic drug levels, we employ state-of-the-art instrumentation and validated methods to provide accurate toxicological analysis. Our detailed reports assist medical professionals, employers, and individuals in assessing potential risks and taking appropriate actions.
Forensic Testing: Our forensic testing services offer specialized analysis for legal and investigative purposes. We provide reliable and court-admissible testing for DNA identification, fingerprint analysis, trace evidence examination, and more. With strict chain-of-custody protocols and adherence to forensic standards, our forensic experts deliver accurate results that can contribute to the resolution of criminal cases and legal proceedings.
Research and Development: We collaborate with academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and research organizations to support their scientific advancements. Our research and development services include assay development, validation, and custom testing solutions. With our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we help researchers and innovators generate robust data and gain insights that drive progress in various fields.

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